3 Reasons Why The Guitar Is The Best Instrument To Learn To Play

by Maurice Richard
Senior Instructor at Halifax Guitar Lessons

Many people know about the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument.

If you have not heard or read about this, there is a lot of research that has shown huge benefits to the brain in children and also adults when they learn and play a musical instrument.

There are many instruments one can learn to play to get these benefits. Are there some instruments that are better than others? If so why?

I believe the guitar is the best possible instrument to learn to play on. Of course, I am biased because I teach the guitar.

However, I have played many instruments in my life including the saxophone and drums and believe I have a strong case for the guitar as the winner.

Here are 3 reasons why you should learn to play the guitar instead of other instruments to get all the benefits learning to play can give you or your child.

guitar is the best instrument to learn

1. The Guitar Is Extremely Portable

One of the best features of guitars is their portability. This alone puts them ahead of most instruments as far as being the best to learn on.

Can you imagine trying to move a piano, even if it is only to the next room? How about a cello, or a drum set? Not cool!

Think about how you can carry a guitar almost anywhere. You can travel with it, you can go camping with it, you can break it out on the back patio with friends, etc.

The guitar goes with you instead of requiring you to go to the instrument. Because of that it is very popular among our society and the typical instrument at the heart of any party or social event.

2. You Will Use The Guitar Your Entire Life

I took recorder lessons in school. I then played snare drum in cadets. In junior high I played the saxophone. Then later I learned to play the tin whistle.

They are all cool instruments and they were interesting to learn, and I enjoyed playing them, however I do not play any of them anymore.

My kids learned piano and other instruments when young too. Guess what. None of them play those anymore either.

I noticed this is a typical pattern for most people. Unless they learn how to play the guitar. Once you learn the guitar you tend to play it the rest of your life.

This alone makes the guitar the best instrument because the initial investment pays dividends for your entire life. Not just in enjoyment or stress relief. It also helps keep your brain sharp your whole life.

3. The Guitar Is Considered Cool By Most People In Our Society

When you look at our society in general you can see that the guitar is an integral part of it. Most of our music is driven by the guitar. People idolize guitar players. It’s everywhere.

So, let’s face it. The guitar is probably viewed as the coolest instrument in the world. And being able to play the guitar would make you one of the coolest people in the world.

Fact is, the guitar player is the one who is the life of the campfire or the kitchen party. Everyone wants to be that person. That can be you too!

guitar is the coolest instrument to learn

One Disadvantage Of The Guitar And How To Overcome It

The guitar has many advantages over other instruments. I only listed 3 above but there are definitely more.

For example, the guitar is one of the most affordable instruments available and are sold in virtually any and all cities and towns so very accessible.

One disadvantage the guitar does present but can be overcome is the fact it is a bit more difficult to learn to play it in the beginning.

The best way to overcome this would be for you to find a professionally trained guitar teacher. Someone who knows exactly what you need to learn so you do not run into most of the problems many people run into when they try to learn to play the guitar.

So, go ahead and be awesome. Learn to play the guitar today, you CAN do it!