Find The Right Guitar Lessons For Your Child To Succeed

As a parent, you want your child to have the best opportunities to develop when they are young so they have a better chance at success later in life.

A lot of research has been being done to measure the effects that learning to play a musical instrument like guitar has on children. So far it all points to increased academic performance in just about all areas as well as many other benefits like increased discipline, self-confidence and social development.

Since you are reading this you are considering guitar lessons as a way to help your child get all of those benefits. That’s an excellent decision because the guitar is one of the most versatile, inexpensive and popular instruments available today.

Now let’s discuss what you can do to give your child the best chance for success at learning to play guitar.

What Is The Best Way For Your Child To Learn To Play Guitar

The first problem to deal with is that you are surrounded by many options that are available to help your child learn to play guitar. Which one is the better option though?

Should you get them to learn by themselves either online or through a book or maybe DVDs? And if this was the best way then which specific ones are the best for your child? There are so many to pick from!

Those formats do have some benefits and your child could learn from them, however, those methods have many problems that make it less likely they will be successful.

The main problem with those methods is there is absolutely no interaction. There is no way to receive input to make sure your child is doing the right things. No one is there to help guide him or her when they are not sure what to do or when they get stuck. This can be very frustrating.

Learning to play guitar from a teacher is the best way to overcome those problems.

halifax guitar lessons student testimonial

“Only a few weeks back my son did not know anything about guitar and now there are few songs he can play and we can recognize them. He gets exited and can’t wait to go to lessons.”

– Edvard H., Father of two, Business Owner

Do Your Homework When Choosing A Guitar Teacher For Your Child

One thing you need to remember is that not all guitar teachers are the same. They all have their own methods and ways to do things and although most of them are really good players almost none of them have training on how to teach and if they do it is not specific to teaching guitar.

Choosing the right guitar teacher is a key factor that will make a very big difference in the experience and results your child will receive.

The biggest issue with most teachers is that they do not have a personal approach and their options are incredibly limited and inflexible. Because of this many kids quit lessons early on. The most common reasons are that they are overwhelmed, or bored or do not have any fun.

There is a better option available to you.

Find The Right Guitar Teacher For Your Child

What if you could find someone that can teach your child at their own pace, where they are challenged just enough so they progress and are not bored but not so much that they get overwhelmed, feel like they are behind and want to quit?

What if you could find someone that can teach your child in a way that is personalized so that they learn to play guitar with the things they want in mind?

What if you could find someone that can work with you and your schedule and that offers flexible programs and options to help your child learn to play guitar but also helps you fit it in your busy schedule?

What if you could find someone that is actually trained to teach guitar specifically? That has innovative strategies and techniques to help your child progress faster in a shorter period of time so they can enjoy the process and avoid as much frustration as possible?

What if you could find someone that can provide all of the above?

What Makes Halifax Guitar Lessons Different

First of all I am a father of three grown kids so I have experience with children that many teachers do not have. I have also taught many kids in other roles throughout my life and I also enjoy teaching children.

I have already successfully taught many children to play guitar from as young as 6 years old. I also have extensive experience in teaching as well as specific training on how to teach guitar.

I also have very flexible programs to offer you that will fit your schedule and your budget.

There Is A Better Way For Your Child To Learn To Play Guitar

Young children are different than teenagers and adults. Their ability to pay attention is shorter, their motor skills are less developed and they do not usually have the same determination yet.

After experiencing some problems with lessons for my own children when they were younger, I knew there had to be a better way, but I could not find it. So I created it.

halifax guitar lessons student testimonial

“My son came from zero to playing actual songs in a month! I can see how he looks forward to going to the lessons and for me this is the best test! It is not just about the guitar (which is fantastic in itself) but also seeing how his confidence gets boosted every time!”

– Sonya V., Mother of four, Lawyer

At Halifax Guitar Lessons you get:

  • A teaching approach with your child’s specific personality and learning style in mind so that they learn and understand the concepts quickly and get faster results.
  • A personal plan tailored to your child’s specific musical needs so that they learn the things that are important for their development and will keep them motivated.
  • New materials at your child’s pace so they are not bored or left behind and instead are challenged properly, progress consistently, and also have fun.
  • Innovative teaching formats and techniques that will help your child progress with less frustration so that they stick with it and not quit early.
  • Flexible programs that help you fit guitar lessons into your busy schedule so that you do not have to add any more stress to your life
  • An experienced teacher with specific training on how to teach guitar so that you get the best possible instruction and greater results for your child.

Give your child the best possible opportunity to learn to play guitar in the Halifax area!

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