How Do You Move To The Next Level Now That You Can Play A Few Songs On Guitar

by Maurice Richard
Senior Instructor at Halifax Guitar Lessons

You feel frustrated. You know enough to learn some songs and it is great, but there are songs you can’t play because you don’t know how to more advanced chords so you avoid them because they are too hard and take too much time to learn.

You don’t know where to start to move forward, to learn something new. You tried to find things to learn but it was not at your level and because you didn’t know that you gave up because you thought you could never learn anything besides simple chords.

You are disappointed in yourself and keep saying “maybe, some day”… but some day never comes. Now you regret it because you are older and imagine what type of player you could have been.

It’s not too late. There is hope for you.

getting stuck learning guitar

Getting Stuck When Learning To Play Guitar Is Common

This is a common problem that many people run into when they first try to learn to play guitar.

The guitar is one of the few instruments that people attempt to learn on their own. It is relatively inexpensive and portable so it is accessible to a large number of people who would typically not be able to afford something else.

There are tons of resources available to attempt it on your own too. The Internet is chock full of free instructional resources for example. You can also pay for programs online or buy CDs, DVDs or even books.

Maybe you tried some or all of those without success. Maybe that’s how you ended up where you are right now.

You may have even gone to a teacher to try and help you. But not all teachers are the same so many people do not get much further that way.

Why Do People Get Stuck Learning To Play Guitar?

The main reason you have run into this problem is because you do not know the right things and what the right order to learn to play guitar is. How would you know?

You have no training on how to learn to play guitar. You have no experience helping others do it. The people creating content online are not necessarily experts at this either. And many guitar teachers typically teach using the same methods you can find on your own.

Sure, some people manage to overcome all of the problems that they run into when trying to learn to play guitar and figure it out on their own. These people are rare.

Plus that does not mean they learned it the best way or in the right order either. Usually they simply used brute force and sheer determination and never gave up.

So because of all this, whether you try to get help online or through other resources, or with a teacher, you are guessing at how things should go. So it is easy to guess wrong and get stuck.

You can avoid this. There is a better way.

You Can Get Unstuck By Finding The Proper Guidance

What you need at this point is guidance. But not just any guidance. You need the help of a professional guitar teacher who can take you to the next level.

A professional guitar teacher is one that is focused solely on teaching guitar and is an expert at their craft and knows the best order and the right timing to teach new skills.

They have specific training on how to teach guitar and have actually taught guitar students to overcome the same problems you are experiencing.

This type of teacher creates a specific plan tailored to you and helps you move forward and overcome your specific problems.

you can get to the next level on guitar


Finding a professional teacher may take time but it is well worth it. You will not regret doing this.

Once you find them you may have to pay a bit more for their services but they will get you the results you are looking for and do it much faster than anyone else and with less frustration too. In the long run you will actually save time and money.

So do not settle for just any teacher. Go find a professional. Once you are back on the road to progress you will be glad you did it!