How Long Will It Take You To Learn To Play Guitar

by Maurice Richard
Senior Instructor at Halifax Guitar Lessons

You watch other people play guitar and it looks effortless. It looks so easy. You get inspired. You decide that you have to learn to play.

So you get started on the path to learning to play guitar and you quickly find out that it is not as easy as they make it look. Everything feels unnatural. You can’t even imagine how you can manage to ever move your hands fast enough.

This shocking reality brings you back to earth. You wonder if you can actually learn to do this now. It could take a very long time at the current pace. This is definitely discouraging.

It does not have to be like this.

learning guitar can be discouraging

Learning To Play Guitar Yourself Is Challenging And Takes Time

The most popular way to learn to play guitar is to do it yourself. It is also typically the method that takes the longest amount of time.

There are tons of resources available online and many for free. That’s where the large majority of new guitar players go to try and learn. Unfortunately, most of them end up exactly where you are. Frustrated.

There are also many courses you can buy online, many books and other resources on CD’s or DVD’s that you can purchase. Not as many people attempt to go this route but again, most of those who do end up frustrated and wondering if they can actually learn to play guitar.

Some people try to learn from others. Some go to friends, some find teachers online or locally. This is definitely the best way to go and gives most people the best chance at success. However, even this method typically ends in frustration.


Choosing The Wrong Way To Learn To Play Guitar Takes Longer

There are many reasons why all those methods fall short.

When it comes to the online and physical methods the biggest problem I have found is that there are so many different options. There is no consistency. They all approach things in different ways.

You would think this is good because it means there should be one that works for you. The problem is finding it, if it even exists. Doing exhaustive searches on every method available and finding a compatible one could take a very long time.

But there are other problems with those methods. First of all they are not interactive. They do not observe you and give you feedback on your playing and progress. You have no way to know if you are doing things right or wrong.

And when it comes to teachers the main issue I have run into is that most of them are not good at teaching. Many people tell me their friends tried to teach them, who are great players, but they could not teach.

Many teachers that advertise for lessons are no different. Many of them are great players but have no training on how to teach guitar and many can’t relate to your level of playing or your struggles. There is a disconnect.

If you pick any of the methods above it could take you a very long time to learn to play guitar. Chances are you will stop trying which is the worst possible scenario.

That does not have to be you; it does not have to take years to learn to play guitar.

You Can Learn To Play Guitar Quickly With The Right Teacher

Learning to play guitar can be done relatively quickly if you find the right teacher to show you the way.

What do I mean by the right teacher? Well as you have likely figured out already not all teachers are the same. So finding the right one is important to your success.

If you look for a teacher based on the cheapest price, you will get what you pay for. If you look for a teacher based on the convenience of their location, then you may overlook a much better teacher that could cut down on your learning time and frustration.

You really need to find an experienced teacher with training on how to teach guitar in order to progress quickly and get through the potential frustrations at the start.

A professional teacher will teach full time, it will be their passion and something they love. They will typically also have many different programs and options available to help you progress as fast as you want.

learning guitar is easier with help

How To Learn To Play Guitar As Fast As Possible

So how long does it take to learn guitar? No one can tell you this or give you a number. It depends on how you approach it.

If you do it on your own it could take a very very long time if you even get there. If you find a guitar teacher you have a better chance to shorten the time it would take on your own but that alone is not enough.

Finding a professional teacher who is an expert and trained at teaching guitar is the very best and very quickest way to get you results and to learn to play guitar.

Once you have found a good teacher you can shorten the amount of time it takes to learn to play by taking more lessons and programs every week. The more you can fit in the better.

You should be able to play guitar at a basic level in a few weeks when taught by the right teacher and if you invest enough time and money into it.