It’s Never Too Late To Learn To Play Guitar

by Maurice Richard
Senior Instructor at Halifax Guitar Lessons

If you are like most adults later in life you probably tried to play when you were younger and stopped when life got busy.

But there are still many who have always wanted to learn but never tried.

You are older now and have more time now so you decide to go for it! That’s an excellent decision.

And if you are like most people today you go to the Internet to start the process and finally learn how to play the way you want.

That’s when you end up finding out it’s not that easy to learn this way and you soon find yourself frustrated with guitar again.

Things are difficult and take a long time so maybe it is too late for you to learn after all.

Or maybe not.

is it too late to learn guitar

You Think You Are The Problem

You went online and found exercises to work through and learn but it did not go well.

The person who put that up obviously knew what they were doing so you must be the problem in the equation right?

I mean they laid it all out for you, showed you exactly what to do and how to do it, then you tried it and tried it but you just could not get it to work right.

Sound familiar?

At this point many people will try another website or teacher and try something else. That may go well for a while but then sooner or later you seem to end up with the same problem.

You just don’t seem to know what to do. You can’t seem to get it. You think it has to be you. You are the common denominator in all this.

Maybe you just don’t have what it takes. Maybe you were not born with the right skills and talents to play guitar.

It Takes More Than Exercises To Learn To Play Guitar Properly

You can go on and on to different websites or books and still not move forward with your playing.

I know because that happened to me, although I did not have internet I used books and other methods and it did not help me learn to play successfully.

I did get better but the problem was that I was doing many things the wrong way and I had no idea that was the case. There was no way for me to know this.

So, I started to doubt my abilities, and wondered if I could ever play well and almost quit because the only answer I could come up with was no.

It seemed no matter what I did I hit a wall and I would be stuck there forever.

Find A Guitar Teacher That Is Trained And Experienced With Adults

Because adults are busy and because they have years of habits built up over time it can be a bit more difficult to learn to play at this stage in life.

If you have physical conditions or limitations it could also potentially hinder your ability to learn and make it harder.

However, that does not mean you can’t learn to play guitar. You certainly can.

The biggest secret to my success is the same thing that will help you succeed. You must seek out and find an experienced teacher that is qualified to teach adults.

This person will have special training and know how to help you overcome limitations you may have and put you on the path to success!

never too late to learn if you find experienced guitar teacher

Learn To Reap The Benefits Of Playing Guitar Later In Life

Learning to play guitar later in life can be an awesome way to help keep your brain sharp and engaged. Playing a musical instrument is one of the few activities that engages your whole brain!

It also gives you something to do and to look forward to when your work life winds down and your kids move on with their own lives.

Many people quit much too soon when they try to it on their own and rob themselves of the benefits it brings to you.

Instead of hacking around and doing it yourself, find a really good and experienced teacher and let them help you learn in a structured way that is fun and helps you be successful.

It is well worth the investment in your time, effort and money!