What Can You Do When You Are Constantly Interrupted During Your Guitar Practice Time And Still Progress

by Maurice Richard
Senior Instructor at Halifax Guitar Lessons

It’s been a long day, it’s finally time for you to relax so you head to your practice room and are about to grab the guitar.

This is your time. Something you enjoy and look forward to and that helps relieve your stress and makes your life better.

Then the phone rings, or a family member comes in and needs something. Next thing you know guitar has been forgotten. Now it’s time to shut things down for the night and prepare for tomorrow.

How can you get better on guitar like this?

hopeless learning guitar with interruptions

Interruptions Are A Part Of Life But They Can Be Managed

This is a common problem that I see today. If you have a demanding job, or if you have a family, especially kids, you are going to get interrupted.

You are probably a smart person and can fix things many others can’t so people turn and depend on you to help them. You probably love to help others and contribute too so your help is always in high demand.

Of course there are the typical demands in life where you just need to do your part. But a lot of times this is not the case and we sabotage ourselves for others.

The thing about interruptions is that most of them are not emergencies and not really that important so they can likely wait. Unfortunately most of us tend to just go do it now because it is easier in that moment.

But that means you don’t get to practice your guitar, most of the time, and it is frustrating you.

Our Actions Are Really At The Root Of All The Interruptions

So why would you stop something you love to do for something that is neither urgent nor important?

Well, probably because you value the person that is asking more than your guitar playing. And in many cases it should be that way.

It could also be that you figure it is easier than to say no or delay them. You’ll just get it done quickly and then be able to focus on your guitar practicing.

Once you start getting into the habit of doing this, the people and the requests will keep coming and increasing. I’ve been there as well and it is hard to say no.

They don’t intend to sabotage your guitar playing, they just want some help and you are always there to give it whenever they want it.

This is wrong because in the end you do not get to do something you enjoy, you do not refuel or recharge and everyone will suffer.

Setting Boundaries For Guitar Practice Removes Interruptions

If learning to play guitar is important to you, then you must find a way to carve out some time to practice.

I could tell you to go find a different room in your home for practice where people won’t find you. But that will only last a short period. They will find you sooner or later.

I know it sounds simple but you have to start by setting some boundaries on your time. Everyone else gets your time except one person. You. Now it’s time to change that.

Setting up proper boundaries will help teach people to give you some space and time for yourself. You are not robbing them, you are simply carving out specific times when you can do what you love and want to do, and then help them later.

It’s a simple solution that does work, but it is very difficult for most people to do it.

boundaries on your time helps guitar practice

Consistency Is The Key To Uninterrupted Guitar Practice Time

So here are some tips to help you get it working and give you time to finally practice guitar consistently.

Start to teach the people around you to respect you and your time more by not interrupting you when you are practicing guitar. The fist thing to do is simply ask them to respect this time.

Make sure they know exactly when you are going to be practicing and tell them this is your time and you are not to be interrupted.

It’s easier said than done. People will forget. So you have to be consistent to remind them to wait until you are done practicing guitar. Then you can listen to their request.

If they do not respect your time and continue to interrupt you then you need to toughen things up a bit. If you tell people the answer to their request will always be “no” if they interrupt you, they will then quickly get it. You must stick to your guns on this!

Of course if it is urgent, truly urgent, and can’t wait, then you need to stop what you are doing immediately. However those situations are extremely rare so most of the time, people can wait.

After a while people will learn to respect your practice time and you will finally be able to put in some consistent time which will help you progress and reach the goals you have always dreamed of.