What Should You Do If Your Child Wants To Quit Guitar Lessons

by Maurice Richard
Senior Instructor at Halifax Guitar Lessons

They wanted to learn. They nagged you for months. So you put your child in guitar lessons.

You invested the money and bought them a guitar, you took the time and found a teacher and you fit everything into your busy schedule.

It started with a bang. Your child was very excited, they could not wait to learn, and they came home and practiced.

All of that has died down now, they are no longer excited, you are wondering what happened, and what you should do next.

It depends.

child wants to quit guitar lessons

Find Out Why Your Child Wants To Quit Guitar Lessons

When it comes to kids wanting to quit learning to play guitar there can be many reasons. What you need to do first is find out exactly why they want to stop.

The biggest mistake a lot of parents make when this happens is to listen to their child and just stop lessons without probing any further.

The problem here is that your child may actually still want to learn to play guitar but they will not always tell you that. Usually they do not.

Your child may have had a bad experience with the teacher, they may not be challenged enough, they may be totally overwhelmed. Each of those things causes frustration and pain.

A child’s instinct when faced with this kind of frustration and pain is to remove it altogether, to get rid of it, instead of finding a way around it. So they tell you they want to stop lessons.

Why Your Child May Want To Quit Guitar Lessons

If their teacher is boring and not engaging, lessons will be no fun and their instinct is to think all teachers are the same.

If the current teacher is too harsh with your child and may treat them like they are in the military and expect absolute obedience.

Maybe the teacher does not track their progress so they pile on a lot of requirements and materials and it overwhelms your child to the point where they believe they do not have what it takes to learn?

Maybe the teacher has no patience for children but teach them anyway. This is unfortunately very common.

How would your child know all of this is not the how it works with all guitar teachers? They don’t, so they tell you that they do not like guitar and want to quit.

Your Child Likely Still Wants To Learn To Play Guitar

But what if they still want to learn to play guitar? What if the interest is still there?

I teach a lot of adults and they have shared with me some of the experiences I mentioned above. They always regret it.

Kids can’t always make the best decisions because they may not realize that the current experience could be different. They do not have enough experience in the world to know.

So it is your job to really dig past the initial request to stop and find out exactly what happened to cause this feeling.

What you will find out a lot of times is that your child still wants to learn to play guitar. They just can’t see how the problem they are experiencing can be solved.

Once you figure out that your child still wants to learn, what you need to do is find a better teacher.

find a good guitar teacher for your child

Find A Teacher That Has Proven Results With Children

How do you find a good teacher for your kids? You do your homework. It takes time but it is worth every minute.

Although they are relatively rare, you can find a good guitar teacher that will help your child have the best experience and chance at learning how to play guitar.

The first thing you want to look for is a person who already has experience with children with proof that they have successfully helped teach them. You can find this out on their website through parent testimonials.

The next thing you want to look for is a teacher who will create a specific plan for you and your child. Not someone who teaches from a canned method or curriculum.

You also want to make sure they are trained and highly skilled in the area of teaching guitar. It does not matter much if they can play really well but are then not able to teach your child.

Make sure your child takes more than the typical lessons that are thirty minutes once a week. You have to give your child a chance to succeed so they need more instruction time to learn things properly.

Once you find a good teacher your child will have the best chance to blossom and have a great experience learning to play guitar!