What To Do If You Find Learning To Play Guitar Difficult

by Maurice Richard
Senior Instructor at Halifax Guitar Lessons

You pick up your guitar, you want to play so bad, but it does not happen. The sound is muddy, your chord changes are slow if you can even do them at all yet, and you can’t even play an entire song either.

Why did you even bother starting? Why did you even try to learn to play guitar? It all just seems out of reach right now doesn’t it? Your dream is fading and quickly. To say you are disappointed is an understatement.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could find a way to overcome this?

frustrated with learning to play guitar

Why Learning To Play Guitar Can Be So Frustrating

Maybe you put in a lot of time and effort, maybe even practiced every day until now but without making any or much progress?

Maybe it went well at first but then you ran into a brick wall and got stuck. You learned enough to scrape through a few chord patterns but it does not sound like music. It’s definitely not what you were hoping for.

Or maybe you went online when you first started learning to look at beginner songs and gave up because they were way too hard for you. And since they are beginner songs you should be able to play them right?

That’s incredibly frustrating stuff. It would seem logical that you are just not meant for this based on any or all of those right?

I know because I was there myself. I experienced all of that pain. It was not fun and I considered quitting playing guitar.

Is There A Best Way To Learn To Play Guitar?

That’s what a lot of people start to think and believe and maybe you do too. And I can’t blame you. Based on your experience it adds up to a huge amount of pain that you want stopped.

The problem here is that you probably did not use the best way to learn to play guitar. The chance of someone randomly doing all the right things in the right order and learn to play guitar well is very very small.

So the good news for you is that you do not have to continue to feel this way. You can overcome all of this if you find and use a better way to learn to play guitar!

Finding The Best Way To Learn To Play Guitar

There are so many ways to learn to play guitar out there today that it is actually counter productive and confusing for most people. Unless you already know what you are doing, chances are you will guess wrong.

You could try all the different methods out there and see which ones work the best for you. However that is going to take a lot of time and effort and frustration. Instead you could be investing that into actually learning to play guitar and making actual progress.

How do you do that? The absolute best way to learn to play guitar and remove the frustrations is to find teacher to show you. Unfortunately not all teachers are the same so you need to know what to look for.


Finding The Right Guitar Teacher Is The Key

You should look for a teacher that has specific training on how to teach guitar. It’s nice if they are awesome guitar players, played in a band, toured, or recorded and album, but this is not a good indication that they can teach or that they can do it well.

Something that is very important to look for is proof that a teacher has actually already helped other people learn to play guitar well. And even more important people who had the same problems you experienced.

You should also look for a teacher that is focused on your personal needs on guitar. They need to develop a plan just for you tailored to where you want to go.

Finally you want to find a teacher that only teaches guitar because that will mean they focuses their time and energy on that instrument only so will have better and more efficient strategies for you to learn on it yourself.

It’s time to put away the frustrations and finally move to the next level in your guitar playing! Go get yourself a qualified teacher and watch your progress skyrocket!