What You Can Do When You Are Struggling To Learn To Play Guitar On Your Own

by Maurice Richard
Senior Instructor at Halifax Guitar Lessons

You try and try but you just can’t seem to get it. Your chords are slow to get to, your strumming is a mess and everything just sounds blah.

Trying to play an actual song is out of the question. You found some that were called beginner or easy songs online but they certainly are not easy for you.

Maybe you got to a point where you finally decided you had enough and put guitar down in total frustration with the intention of never picking it up again.

You need to pick up your guitar again. You can do it, if you are shown how, so let’s move you forward.

struggling to learn to play guitar

Teaching Yourself To Play Guitar Is A Sure Way To Get Frustrated

First of all let’s examine why you are here.

Most people try to learn guitar on their own at first. It makes sense. Guitars are not overly expensive to buy, you have the Internet with free guitar instruction, so you should be all set.

The old proverb that you usually get what you pay for definitely applies when it comes to guitar lessons. Some people are able to have a level of success with free materials online but the vast majority does not.

The main problem here is that there is no interaction with you, to point out things that could help you move forward when you get stuck, to help you avoid pitfalls and problems before they happen.

You could pay for some training online too. The problem here is this is usually not interactive either. You can get all sorts of materials but it is usually not organized very well and definitely not specifically for you which means you typically have to figure out what you want to learn as you go.

How would you know what to learn and when and in what order? You’ve never done this, you have no experience and no training, so you are not likely to get it right.

Free Online Lessons Are Usually Worth Every Penny

You can watch people show you something over and over again but sometimes you miss something. Usually it is the person in the video making assumptions about what you know or don’t know. Welcome to frustration!

Another thing I see all the time with online materials is how they are labeled beginner or easy. Maybe it is easy for someone who already knows how to play. But not for most people and especially those just starting out.

Finally another major drawback of learning online is that anyone can post lessons on the Internet. So a lot of times you get instruction from people who have never taught, who barely know how to play themselves and have zero training on how to actually teach.

No wonder you are struggling and likely frustrated! Don’t despair though. Like I already mentioned, you can do this. You just need a better approach.

Finding A Teacher To Guide You Is The Best Approach

The absolute best way to be successful at learning to play guitar is to get someone in your area to help you.

Without someone there to watch you and give you feedback on your playing how do you know when you are doing something wrong? Besides knowing you can’t do something, there is no way for you to know why that is.

So finding a guitar teacher is the key to moving forward for you. But not all guitar teachers are the same and many of them operate the same way as the people you will find on the Internet.

Sounds like I am contradicting myself right? I just told you that the Internet is not a reliable way to learn guitar and now I am saying finding a teacher isn’t either?

Finding a teacher is still the key, but you need to find the right kind of teacher.

a trained guitar teacher will guide you

Find A Trained Teacher Who Has A proven Track Record

What do I mean by the right kind of guitar teacher? Aren’t all teachers the same? The reality is every teacher is different and finding the one that is best suited for you is important to find.

What you need to look for in a guitar teacher more than anything is proof that they can help you learn to play and get beyond your current frustrations. Someone who has helped others already do what you want to do.

Usually such a teacher is trained on how to teach guitar specifically. They usually only teach guitar and will provide you with a personalized plan to help you specifically learn how to play the way you want to.

Such a teacher expects more from you and pushes you just enough so you progress as quick as you can but they also hold your hand every step of the way so you always know what to do.

A good teacher will get you from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount effort so you enjoy the process and stay motivated!

Start looking and find a good teacher to help you today and you will move beyond your current struggles in no time!