Why Investing In A Good Guitar Is Better For Your Guitar Playing

by Maurice Richard
Senior Instructor at Halifax Guitar Lessons

Do you find it difficult to get motivated to practice your guitar at times? You’ve had a rough day, you plan to practice, but the thought of picking up that old guitar does not motivate you.

If you don’t go for it right now it could be the tipping point for you and instead of stopping for one day it could turn into may more. Not a good place to be.

How would you like to have more motivation for practicing your guitar without having to work on it? Would you like to be able to make more progress in less time because you want to practice more?

I know I do so more than likely you do too! Let’s find out one way that has worked for many people and may work for you too.


Motivation Is The Key To Improving On Guitar

Motivation can be a tricky thing. It is the key to everything we do, including learning to play guitar. We do not do anything without a motivation to do it. Most people know this.

After the initial excitement of learning to play guitar, many students see their motivation start to fade. It can happen for many reasons but the result is the always the same. This is where progress slows and frustration tends to grow.

Maybe that is you? You may have other responsibilities that require more of your time, you may not be improving as fast as you think you should be or many times you may not like the sound of your playing.

Problems With Motivation Can Run Deep

Most of us don’t really pay attention to what actually motivates us on a deeper level. We have some rough ideas of what motivates us or not but usually only on a surface level.

The same thing happens with students who are learning to play guitar. Before they start to learn, many of them are not sure of themselves. So when it is time to buy a guitar they do not want to waste their money on something expensive if they are not going to be able to do it.

So they go to the guitar store and buy the cheapest guitar they can find. They are more concerned with the price than with anything else.

However what they do not realize is they may be setting themselves up for problems later on. The first thing this does is plants and reinforces the doubts in their minds about being able to learn.

What they do not understand is that a cheap guitar can lead to less motivation now and in the future because they tend to be harder to play, do not sound as good, do not usually look as good, are more difficult to tune or keep in tune, etc.

I had one of these guitars when I first started to learn. It was extremely frustrating.

Here Is One Way To Bump Up Your Motivation

To give yourself the best chance at success when learning to play guitar, you should invest in a good guitar as soon as you are able to. Ideally you want to do it before you start to learn.

I am not saying you need to spend a fortune on a guitar or buy one if you do not have the money, but buying something that is not cheap is good for you and your progress. Why?

The coolest thing happens when a student goes out and buys a really nice guitar. They come into the lesson time with a huge smile on their face, they are proud of their new guitar, and they typically say that they have been practicing a lot more than usual!

It’s a huge boost of motivation and the better the guitar they buy the bigger the motivation, the bigger the progress and results that usually follow. It’s an instant shot of massive motivation!


How To Make Sure You Pick The Right Guitar

So how do you know how to pick the right guitar for you? There are many different opinions on this of course as far what brands they think is the best, the style of guitar you should get, where it comes from, etc.

To me, the best way to find a good guitar that is best suited for you and your needs is actually pretty simple.

I recommend that you pick the one that has the best looks, feels most comfortable and sounds the best to YOU. If you approach it this way you will love your guitar and you will want to pick it up all the time.

Look at this as an investment and get something you really like. It will make a difference in your motivation and in your playing!