Why Investing More For Guitar Lessons Will Make You A Better Guitar Player

by Maurice Richard
Senior Instructor at Halifax Guitar Lessons

Have you struggled with motivation to get better on guitar? Have you sacrificed getting better on guitar for other things before? You are definitely not alone.

It can be very frustrating to try and learn guitar when you have a busy life. For many people it turns into a roller coaster. You pick up guitar for a period of time, you manage to make it a priority, you start to progress.

Then bam. Something happens and guitar gets dropped. You fully intend to pick it up again, really soon, but many times the days turn into months and even years go by before you pick it up again.

When you look back you realize how much better you could have been if you just managed to keep it going. It’s quite discouraging.

It does not have to be like that.


Learning To Play Guitar Tends To Be The Lowest Priority

The main problem is that learning to play guitar is not the highest priority in your life.

You may want it to be a higher priority and may even convince yourself that it is, but for most people it is only a hobby or something to do for fun.

So when the rest of your life gets busy and your time gets crunched what is the first thing that goes? Usually the thing that has the lowest priority and what typically lives there? Learning how to become a better guitar player.

So life gets busier and you stop practicing, you stop taking lessons, and you start going backwards.

Learning An Instrument Is A Low Priority In Society

This is typical for most people. The same thing happens in society. Ever notice when there is a budget crunch the first thing to go is the music program in schools?

That is because the general population perceives music as a low value activity. It’s only supplementary anyway, not really that important, just something we teach our kids for fun. However this is totally incorrect.

There is a lot of research available showing that learning to play guitar provides many benefits beyond just having fun. It helps with cognitive development, language skills, mathematics, self-confidence, focus and many more things. Much more than just about any other activity available.

There is also evidence that learning an instrument can reduce or delay the effects of things like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

So music education, and learning to play guitar, is worth a lot more than we have been led to believe.

Make Playing Guitar A higher Priority In Your Life

What if you could make guitar lessons a higher priority in your life? What if you could do that with a simple change?

Well you can! By increasing the investment that you make into playing guitar. Research has shown that the more you invest into something it tends to boost your commitment level and you are more likely to give it a higher priority in your life.

For example, when people are offered something for free or for very little money, many people are initially interested. Over time other things crowd it out very easily because they do not have very much invested in it.

However if the very same thing costs money, assuming it is useful, most people will be more likely to commit to it and follow it through. The higher the cost of something the more value people attribute to it.

So if you make a bigger financial investment into the things that will help you learn to play guitar you will find that your commitment level will increase and you will make it a much higher priority.

What is the best way to do this? By increasing how much you invest in guitar lessons!


How To More Effectively Increase Your Commitment To Guitar

Although spending more money on learning to play guitar is a great motivator, you must make sure you don’t just blindly spend it anywhere and with just anyone. This is critical.

You need to find a superior guitar teacher. Someone that has specific training on how to teach guitar is the first place to start. They should also be an expert in their field and only teach guitar instead of being a jack-of-all-instruments so that they will have the best strategies for you on guitar.

You also want to make sure to make a bigger time commitment to learning. A superior guitar teacher will not teach the typical thirty-minute lessons. They will recommend that you train with them a lot more than that and typically for more than just once a week. This is also very important.

Once you find that teacher they will probably be more expensive than others in your area. Remember that they are experts and highly trained and will help you reach your goals much quicker than other regular guitar teachers ever could. They are more than worth it!

It’s time to make a bigger investment in your guitar playing. Itżs time to get better once and for all. Make that commitment today and donżt look back!