Yes, YOU Can Learn To Play Guitar

So you want to learn to play the guitar. Awesome! However, if you are like most people, you likely have some doubts about your ability to pull this off.

Will it be too difficult for you? Will it take too much time for you? Will you stick with it? What method should you use to learn? Will you enjoy the process of learning to play the guitar? Will you actually commit to it?

The method you choose and your commitment to learn to play the guitar will determine the answers to those questions more than anything else.

Why So Many People Doubt That They Can Learn To Play Guitar

There are so many myths out there about who can or can’t learn to play the guitar so it is more than likely that you have heard some of these things.

For example, common myths out there are that you have to have certain types of fingers, that you have to be musical already, that your family needs to have some musical roots, you need to practice hours every day, or that you have to be born with a gift, etc.

So with all of that possibly going against you, is it worth the time, effort and the money to buy a guitar and then try to find out if you are one of the lucky ones? On top of that is it worth the potential disappointment that you are opening yourself to?

Of course it is worth it to try. You need to know for sure and until you go for it, you will never really know.

Where Do The Myths About Learning To Play Guitar Come From

I am not really sure why so many myths exist when it comes to learning to play the guitar. I suspect it is because a lot of people have no idea what it really takes to learn so they make incorrect assumptions.

Even people who teach guitar propagate these myths. Why? Well, just because someone teaches guitar does not mean they are properly trained to do so. They may know how to play the instrument but teaching it requires a totally different skill set.

What seems to happen is that they also make poor assumptions about why people are not able to learn to play the guitar when they teach. They tend to attribute the problem to the students, and to not make them feel bad, propagate more of these myths. However it is more than possible that the problem could be with them and the way they go about teaching and not the student.

What does this mean for you?

If You Commit To It You Can Learn To Play Guitar

It means you can learn to play the guitar! However you have some things to do to be successful.

The first thing that needs to happen for you to be able to learn to play the guitar is simple but it is the key and very powerful. You have to make a decision to do it and that you will do it no matter what.

Next, you have to make it a priority in your life. I am not saying it has to be the top priority, however you must make it high enough that you will take it seriously. Many people start and quit because they took learning too lightly.

Then, if you do not have a guitar already, or if the one you have is not a good one, I highly recommend buying a good guitar. The more you spend on your first guitar, the more likely you are going to be motivated to actually learn to play it and for many reasons.

Finally, and very important, seek out and hire a competent teacher to help guide you through the entire learning process until you become a good guitar player. You will likely have to pay more for this type of teacher in the short term because they are highly trained but it will save you a lot of time, frustration and money in the long run.

How To Find The Best Teacher To Help You Learn To Play Guitar

What does a competent guitar teacher look like?

  • They should be focused on you and what is important to you to accomplish on the guitar.
  • They need to create a specific and personal plan just for you and teach you accordingly.
  • They have to track your progress and make sure that you do not get stuck, or overwhelmed and that they also continuously challenge you.
  • They will assist you through the entire process, from start to finish, and help you every step of the way.
  • They should have specific training on how to teach guitar.
  • They should only teach guitar since that makes them a specialist in the area that matters most to you.

Helping people like you realize their dream of playing guitar is something I do every day. I will show you the right things at the right time and be there with you every step of the way to make sure you learn to play the guitar.

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