You Can Learn To Play Guitar Even When You Do Not Have A Lot Of Time To Practice At Home

by Maurice Richard
Senior Instructor at Halifax Guitar Lessons

It’s pretty frustrating. You’ve always wanted to learn. The desire is there.

You see people learning, you see advertisements for guitar lessons, and you want to do it.

But you know it’s probably going to be a waste of time because you tried to do it before. You just can’t commit to it fully so in your mind, there is no way you can learn right now. Life is just too busy.

What if you found a way to learn anyway?

hard to learn guitar when busy

Finding Time To Learn To Play Guitar Can Be Challenging

The biggest problem to learning guitar you have to face when you are a busy person is time. How can you fit practice time into your schedule?

Most busy people I know can usually find a way to carve that time out. On paper anyway. However what happens is that other things that are more important interfere tends to with this plan.

You start out great. You are committed and motivated so you set aside a chunk of time every night and you practice. Awesome!

But then something happens at work and you have to stay late. You find out there is a problem with the house that needs attention. The kids schedule, which you thought was set, changes.

When, and if, you finally have some free time, it’s late, you are exhausted, so you decide to put it off. Next thing you know, practice time is missed for one day, then two, a week, a month. Then done. Then usually for many years.

Make Learning To Play Guitar A Higher Priority

If learning to play guitar is not really important to you, then not a big deal. You figure when the time is right you will go for it again.

However, what I have found is that most people really want to learn to play guitar. It is very important to them. If you made it this far you are probably one of them.

Learning to play guitar is a big deal. It can help add to your life in many ways that most people do not even realize. Playing guitar is one of the best stress relievers available for one thing.

But we do not treat learning to play guitar with the level of importance I think it deserves. And because of that it tends to fall to the bottom of your priority list.

It’s a shame because I get so many people who come in for lessons later in life. Almost every one of them regrets not making it a higher priority when they were younger.

So what can you do now to make sure you stick with it and progress with such a busy life?

Make The Commitment To Learn Now And Find A Good Teacher

The most important part for you is to first make a very strong commitment to learning. If you are only going to “try” then it will not work.

Once you have your mind made up you are ready to take action. Since your day is busy and filled with all sorts of distractions and urgent tasks that pull you in every direction, you need to make sure you maximize your progress when you learn to play guitar.

The best way to do that is by finding a good teacher and training with them instead of trying to do it yourself either online or through books. Those methods do not work for most people and it is not a good fit for a busy person.

Learning from a good teacher will allow you to learn the right things at the right time and make sure you progress at your own pace. They will also have strategies and techniques that will help you get the most out of every minute you practice when you do have time.

A good teacher will have many different options for you to help fit your schedule and will expect you to make a greater time commitment to lessons than typical teachers would.

Wait. A “bigger” time commitment? How will I do that when I am already very busy you may be thinking?

bigger time commitent to guitar lessons

Commit To Taking More Lessons With A Good Teacher

You will have to be able to carve out some time to take lessons of course and most people can do this even when they are busy. The key element here is that your lesson time will also be your practicing time.

Because your teacher will be with you most of the time you are learning and practicing guitar, they will help you progress faster then you could on your own because you will learn everything the right way the first time.

If you commit two or more hours from your schedule on a weekly basis a good teacher will be able to help you learn to play guitar. Without you having to practice a minute outside of your lessons.

Sure, it would be much faster if you could practice at home too, but it will not be required. Because you are taking lessons you will be more likely to commit it to your schedule and be consistent every week.

Learning to play guitar is a skill that will help you today and that you will have with you the rest of your life.

Find a good teacher today, even if you are busy, and learn how to play now, not later!